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A 14-year old boy is nursing serious burns at the Mandera County Refferal Hospital after his two brothers lured him into a house and set him ablaze.

A police report seen by Citizen Digital says that the Class 7 boy was wrapped in a mattress by Ibrahim Ahmed and Yusuf Ahmed- his brothers- before being set ablaze and left for the dead.

“The class seven pupil at Kamor Primary School in Mandera, was lured to their house by his mischievous brothers Ibrahim Ahmed and Yusuf Ahmed, before being rolled up in a mattress doused in petrol and set on fire,” the DCI said in a statement on Twitter.

“The pupil had been accused of being a witness in a case that his brother Ibrahim Ahmed, was accused of stealing a mobile phone.”

Police officers say the two brothers then went on the run, leaving their sibling burning inside the house.

Luckily for the boy, police officers on patrol who responded to what looked like a house fire, responded quickly, and saved the lad from the jaws of death.

“They immediately rescued him and rushed him to Mandera County Referral Hospital, where he was admitted in serious condition. As we pray for his speedy recovery, detectives are hot in pursuit of the two brothers,” the DCI added



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