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Performance royalties are paid to songwriters and their publishers in exchange for the right to broadcast or perform a copyrighted musical composition in a public environment – broadcast on radio or television, or played in restaurants, bars, or nightclubs. Performance royalties are also generated when your song is performed live (whether by you or another performer), and when it is played on certain forms of digital media, like online radio stations.

How are performance royalties paid?

Performance royalties are paid by Performing Rights Organizations to songwriters and publishers for the public broadcast of music. These royalties come from blanket license fees paid to Performing Rights Organizations by businesses who broadcast music (e.g. radio / TV stations, live venues, restaurants)

What are examples of performance royalties?

Performance royalties are generated by live performances, terrestrial (FM/AM) radio play, TV/film/advertising usage, and streams (both interactive and non-interactive). These royalties are collected and paid out by a songwriter’s Performing Rights Organization (PRO) or Collective Management Organization (CMO)

Do PROs collect performance royalties?

Performance royalties are the fees music users pay when music is performed publicly. … Performance Rights Organizations or PROs (in the US that’s BMI, ASCAP, and SESAC) collect songwriting performance royalties from music users, and then pay songwriters and rights holders (publishers). (in the Kenya that’s Kenya Copyright Board (KECOBO), Performers Rights Society Of Kenya (PRSK) ETC)

Where do performance royalties go?
Who receives public performance royalties? For any musical composition, the royalties are divided into two parts: one part goes to the songwriters, and the other to the publisher.

How can I claim performing royalties?

When you sign up for Dapstrem Publishing, we’ll make sure you receive all of the publishing royalties you’re due.

Our extensive knowledge, and close relationships with our global network of royalty collection societies – including with Performing Right Organizations like PRS, BMI and ASCAP, and Mechanical Right collection societies such as MCPS and MLC – allows us to collect, manage and pay out all types of music publishing royalties.



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