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Total confirmed cases of covid -19 are now 225,663, tests confirmed so far are 2,287,443.

719 patients have recovered from disease with six hundred and seven from the home – based isolation and care program while 112 are from various hospitals country wide.

Total recoveries now stand at 208,169 of whom 167,484 are from the Home-Based Care and Isolation program, while 40,685 are from various health facilities.

Patients who are intensive care unit [ICU] are 146, 79 in ventilatory support and 67 on supplement oxygen.

Total of 2,221,704 have been administered across the country as of August 18th, 2021.

Total first doses are 1,454,102 while second doses are 767,602. The uptake of the second dose among those who received their first dose is at 52.8% with the majority being males at 55% while females are at 45%.

The Proportion of adults fully vaccinated is 2.8%.



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