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The Toronto star is currently the only artist to have 150 different songs streams over 100million time,leading with 2016 global hit “One Dance,” which streamed over 2.5billion streams

Drake will go down in history as one of the most successful artists in the streaming era. Not many rappers can even come close to Drake’s dominance on streaming platforms, and it looks like the gap between the 6 God and his competition is even wider. 

Also he can expect his numbers to go higher once he drops certified Lover Boy.Fans have been busting at the seams for it to come out, and they proved that when Drake unleashed the three-song EP Scary Hours 2

Also drake took social media to show appriaciation for Rick Ross,even going as far as calling him the greatest rapper alive.Drizzy and Ross have collaborated on numerous occasions in the past decade, with the Florida-raised artist recently sharing that they are both adamant on dropping a joint album.



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