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  1. Log in or sign up to Spotify for Artists using a desktop computer. You’ll find your unreleased music within the ‘Music’ section of your artist dashboard under ‘Upcoming’.

2. Choose the unreleased track you’d like to submit from this section of your dashboard.

3. If it’s an album or EP, choose one track to submit.

4. Complete the playlist submission form, giving as much information as possible about the track.

– Only unreleased tracks can be considered for playlists. That means you will need to distribute your music and then pitch them for playlisting between the time of delivery and your release date.

– You can only submit one track at a time. Only after that track has been released can you submit another unreleased song.

– You must submit at least 7 days before your release date. The more time in advance, the better, so be prepared.

– Offer as much info and insight into your music as possible. Spotify wants plenty of data to help them match your music to the right playlists. Editors will be searching for new music based on the data you provide, so make life easier for them and give yourself a better chance by including details on genre mood and anything else relevant to your track.

– You can only submit using a desktop computer. The form is not available on mobile.

Spotify for Artists playlist submissions step-by-step
Once you track has been uploaded to Spotify and appears in your Spotify for Artists Upcoming releases, it’s time to submit.

Let’s take a look at some of the info Spotify asks for. Remember, the more detail you can provide about your music the better!

Spotify’s playlist editorial staff need to know all about the style, genre, mood and culture of your track. You’ll be able to select from specific option, so make sure the ones you pick accurately match your music.

You’ll also need to offer up some additional information about the content of your track. Spotify has specific playlists for covers, remixes, instrumentals and more. So if you music falls into any of these categories, let them know!

Some official Spotify playlists are also location based with editors looking for track created by people from certain corners of the world.

You should also add in a detailed description of your music to give more context for playlist editors who hear it. That could include the process of writing and producing, as well as your plans to promote it.

Spotify opening up playlist submission to all is a great way to give all rising artists a better chance of landing on major official Spotify playlists.

But remember, there’s a lot of competition out there. Even though Spotify features around 75,000 artists on their playlists each week, there are still many more who miss out.

Don’t forget you can also submit your music directly for the Dapstrem Music Spotify playlists.

Good luck with your submissions!



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