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Kenyan singer Bahati has finally broken his silence and issued a response to video vixen Brenda Otieno, who alleges that she has not received payment for her participation in Bahati’s music video for the song “Adhiambo.”

Expressing her frustration on TikTok, Otieno stated that she has been waiting for over a year to be compensated by Bahati. She boldly declared that she has given him a 24-hour ultimatum to settle the payment. If he fails to comply, she threatened to take legal action, emphasizing that there are laws in place to protect her rights. Otieno further expressed her belief that Bahati is taking advantage of her as a woman, particularly considering the video’s substantial view count of 22 million.

Bahati, in response, appeared to be unaware of the situation and did not provide a clear indication of whether he intends to pay Otieno or address the matter at hand.

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