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DJ Fatxo, a popular Mugithi singer known as Lawrence Njuguna, has been acquitted of murder charges in the investigations into Jeff Mwathi’s death. Duncan Okatch, Fatxo’s lawyer, stated that the Director of Public Prosecution’s office agreed with the recommendations made by the Directorate of Criminal Investigation (DCI), which found no evidence linking the musician to Jeff’s death.

According to Okatch, there is absolutely no evidence to suggest any criminal involvement or suspicion on the part of their client. He emphasized that Fatxo was not even present at his house during the time of Jeff Mwathi’s demise. The DPP recommended that the case be taken to an inquest, and Okatch expressed satisfaction that the truth about his client’s innocence has finally come to light.

“We are pleased to inform you that the Director of Public Prosecutions has thoroughly examined the case and concurred with the findings and recommendations of the Directorate of Criminal Investigation,” the statement read.

Lawyer Duncan Okatch further mentioned that DJ Fatxo is delighted with the outcome and has chosen to forgive those who have tarnished his reputation. Despite the damage caused, Fatxo, a practicing Christian, has made a deliberate decision to forgive all those who spread false narratives. He hopes that through his own ordeal, people who believed in those narratives or participated in social mob justice, cyberbullying, and the Kenyan public in general, have learned valuable lessons.

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