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Spotify has announced that it will be giving a significant update to its popular African Heat Playlist. This playlist, which has amassed over one million followers, has played a vital role in introducing African music to new audiences in the streaming era.

By facilitating the discovery of new and upcoming African hits, the playlist has become a hub that unites fans of African music, who share a common love for these distinctive sounds.

As African music gains more global recognition and attention, with its artists making waves on international stages and in arenas worldwide, African Heat has played a crucial role in highlighting and validating some of the continent’s most significant songs and moments since its inception.

Since 2018, African Heat has played a part in promoting major hits such as Ckay’s “Love Nwantiti,” Wizkid’s “Essence,” DBN Gogo’s “Love and Loyalty,” and many others. The playlist has showcased music from various corners of the continent, providing an inclusive platform for emerging talents to showcase their music to a global audience.

The revamped African Heat playlist will place a stronger emphasis on exposure and awareness within Africa’s creator and listener communities. Taking inspiration from public transportation across the continent, particularly iconic vehicles like the Trotro, Danfo, and Matatu, the rebranding aims to capture the movement and vibrancy of African music as it travels across the continent and beyond.

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