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Nairobi Woman Representative Esther Passaris is elated and overjoyed to learn that she will soon be graced with the precious title of grandmother, after eagerly anticipating this momentous occasion for an incredible span of 27 years.

Passaris took to her preferred social media platform to share the joyous news that her beloved daughter, Makena Maria Ngugi, is expecting a child. Alongside extending her heartfelt birthday felicitations to Makena, Passaris eloquently conveyed her sincerest wishes for her daughter’s triumphant journey as she embarks on this new and transformative chapter of her life.

“On this momentous and felicitous occasion of your birthday, my dearest Makena, I extend my warmest congratulations to you. May the benevolent Higher Power bestow upon you a life abundant with longevity, robust health, and resounding prosperity, lavishing upon you all the desires of your heart and an abundance beyond measure.

“Throughout the course of these remarkable 27 years, you have attained extraordinary heights, gracefully navigating through occasional setbacks that served as invaluable stepping stones, forging ahead with resilience and fortitude, emerging even more indomitable,” Passaris expressed eloquently in her heartfelt online message.

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