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Samidoh Muchoki, a popular Kenyan musician known for his Mugithi music, has taken his wife Edday Nderitu and their children on a vacation to Samburu. The singer shared a photo of the happy family at the airport on his Instagram page, which has since gone viral. In the photo, Samidoh, Edday and their children can be seen beaming with joy, as they prepare to embark on their holiday.

This move comes after months of drama surrounding Samidoh’s relationship with Karen Nyamu, a nominated senator in Kenya. The two were involved in a publicized affair, which caused a lot of controversy and backlash, with many people criticizing the musician for neglecting his wife and children in favor of his relationship with Karen.

However, by taking his family on a vacation, Samidoh seems to be trying to make amends and mend his relationship with his wife and children. The photo of the happy family has been received positively by many of his fans, who have praised him for prioritizing his family and showing them love and affection.

Samidoh posted the picture with a simple caption that read, “Safari ya Samburu,” which translates to “Samburu trip” in English. The post has garnered thousands of likes and comments from his followers, who have wished him and his family a happy vacation.

It is refreshing to see Samidoh taking a step back from the public eye and focusing on his family. The musician has been able to set an example for his fans, showing that it is important to prioritize family and relationships above anything else.

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