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Zari Hassan, a prominent socialite from Uganda, recently celebrated her son Quincy’s 16th birthday in grand style. Zari, who is known for her flamboyant lifestyle, took to her Instagram account to share her excitement with her fans and followers. The post featured Quincy’s growth from a young boy to a handsome young man, and Zari was beaming with pride as she showcased her son’s milestones over the years.

In the post, Zari asked her fans to join her in wishing Quincy a happy birthday, using the hashtag #happybirthdayquincy. She also expressed her love for Quincy and the pride she feels as a mother watching him grow into a responsible young adult.

Quincy is the son of Zari’s late ex-husband, Ivan Semwanga, who passed away in 2017. Despite the tragic loss, Zari has remained resilient and has continued to focus on her family, including her children from previous relationships.

Zari’s post on Instagram has since received thousands of likes and comments from fans and well-wishers congratulating Quincy on his milestone birthday. Some of the comments included heartfelt messages and wishes for Quincy’s continued success and happiness in life.

Zari has always been known to share her life on social media, and this latest post is just one example of how she continues to use her platform to connect with her fans and share her joys and struggles as a mother. Overall, it is evident that Zari is a proud mother who cherishes her children and their achievements.

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