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The former president played a key role in the peace talks that resolved a two-year conflict in Northern Ethiopia. His efforts culminated in the signing of a peace agreement on November 2, 2022, between the Ethiopian government and regional forces from Tigray. In recognition of this achievement, the Ethiopian government organized a ceremony with the theme “Enough with war, let’s sustain peace.” The event, held at Friendship Square in Addis Ababa, aimed to reflect on the lessons learned from the African Union-led and Ethiopian-owned peace process.

During the ceremony, Mr. Kenyatta praised the people of Ethiopia for their commitment to achieving lasting peace in the region. He also highlighted Ethiopia’s potential as a country and its significant role as the heart of Africa. Mr. Kenyatta commended Ethiopia for leading by example and demonstrating to the world how different nationalities and communities can coexist peacefully under one flag.

Overall, the ceremony was a testament to the power of diplomacy and the positive impact that it can have on resolving conflicts. It showcased the importance of collaboration and the potential for peaceful coexistence between diverse communities.

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