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Governor Sakaja has expressed his deep concern over the deteriorating pollution levels in Nairobi, emphasizing that urgent action is required to address the situation. Speaking at Friends Church (Quakers) in Donholm on a Sunday, the governor stated that the city has been too dirty for too long, and more needs to be done to manage garbage and waste collection.

He attributed the lack of progress in the city’s cleanliness to the county’s severe understaffing. In a bid to address this, the governor announced that a total of 3,500 youths would be hired this week to clean up the county. He further stated that the county is in the process of procuring garbage tractors, lorries, and refuse compactors to facilitate the massive garbage collection.

Governor Sakaja revealed that the garbage collected would be recycled to generate electricity, underscoring the importance of recycling in addressing waste management issues. He further added that this was in line with the government’s goal of achieving a clean and sustainable environment. The governor also urged the public to take responsibility for their waste and to properly dispose of it.

The governor’s remarks highlight the need for concerted efforts to address pollution levels in Nairobi and the importance of responsible waste management practices. With the planned hiring of 3,500 youths to clean up the city, and the procurement of garbage tractors and refuse compactors, the government’s efforts to manage waste collection in Nairobi are commendable. By encouraging recycling, the government is also taking a positive step towards addressing the waste management challenges facing the city.

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