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Hard work pays, they say. Michael Olunga is one of the finest footballers that Kenya has ever had and he was in the country recently for a short holiday before departing to discharge his duties abroad.
Olunga plays for Qatari side Al-Duhail where he has already netted 35 goals in 36 appearances thus making a statement in Qatar.

While he was in Kenya, the photos that he was posting signified one thing all through, once a Kenyan, always a Kenyan.
The Harambee Stars captain was at some point photographed posing with tomatoes at a market place and many questions were asked. Did he really bargain or did he overpay since he has money?

Is the Engineer a farmer? Olunga posted a photo of himself on a maize plantation and his ‘drip’ was on point as always. He looked relaxed in that photo.

Olunga did visit the famous Naivasha (Vasha) also. This is evident from the photo that he posted on Facebook while standing in front of the Buffalo Mall.
What about the community? Michael Olunga made sure that he gives back to society when he was back in the country for his holiday. He sponsored some tournaments and signed some kids in his academy.

Mentoring is what he loves doing and the Kenyan football will rise one day through him.

Signing out? Just like any other human being on earth, Olunga’s holiday in his home country came to an end and what he posted before departing said it all. “Done and dusted,” was his caption before signing off.

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