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Gospel musician Daddy Owen has revealed that he is now ready to marry and settle down once again after parting ways with his ex-wife FaridaWairimu.

The musician, whose real name is Owen Mwatia, revealed that his mother has been on his neck demanding that he gets married again, and expressed fear that her son may be a lonely man in his house.

Speaking to Milele FM’s Ankali Ray, he expressed fear that he might get into another relationship and fail as was in the case of the first one.

“She tells me to even hire someone just to stop walking alone at home, she is worried that I live alone, I walk alone. Any move with someone else might trigger my past. I am like will I treat her well or I will be under the same pressure and the relationship ends again,” he said.
Owen also listed qualities that he would like in a lady if he is to try another shot at love.
“Yes, am now ready to settle with someone else. I want only 2 kids with her,” he said.

Natural and upcountry brought up
God fearing
She should be in her late 20s or early 30s
At least educated to Form Four level and
Dark-skinned woman.
The celebrated musician wore his ring for about one year despite divorcing his wife Farida Wambui but has since removed it.
The two were married for four years but have since parted ways, with Farida moving on with another man whom some quarters report is from Gilgil.

Owen was at first hesitant about getting another wife but has since moved on from his past, and although he is yet to get another woman in his life, it is now clear that he has made up his mind on his plans to get married.

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