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Davido Imported Amapiano: It all began when a rather presumptuous Twitter user and a Davido fan tweeted that Davido brought Amapiano to Nigeria and popularize the genre after getting on Focalistic’s ‘Ke-Star’ remix. The tweet further claimed that Wizkid latest’s single ‘Bad To Me’ was a desperate attempt to glean a hit after Davido purported importation of the South African genre.
The tweet got many reactions as Twitter users, especially Wizkid fans engaged in varying history lessons in a bid to set the record straight.

Maphorisa set the record straight: As the conversations about the earliest interactions of Nigerian artists with Amapiano raged on, South African DJ, DJ Maphorisa took it upon himself to set the record straight.
“Kabza & Maphorisa was the first to put Wizkid n Burnaboy on an amapiano song Sponono dat was a historical moment 3 years ago, research before tweet also it was the first time Wiz n Burna jumped on a same song together let it sink in,” Maphorisa tweeted along with an emoji of an eagle commonly used by Wizkid.

“You’ve never liked me” Davido reacts: Davido decided to air his thoughts in a tweet claiming that Maphorisa never liked him and he doesn’t know why.
“You’ve never liked me y? I’ve always been good to you …. Anyways! AWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY NOW!!!!!! Chu chu chu chu chu” Davido tweeted in a post that has predictably been met with different reactions.

Stans in the middle of another controversy: Recently music stans have triggered different public spats between artists. Ruger and BNXN got into a social media showdown in what was sparked by the comment of a faceless stan.

Also, Burna Boy recently got into a Twitter faceoff with Wizkid’s FC whom he called illiterates. The potential faceoff between Davido and Maphorisa is the latest showdown sparked by a stan.

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