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Kenyan radio disc jockey, DJ Bash, has issued a public apology to the mother of his son.
In a post that the DJ shared online, he regretted having let her down and hurting her repeatedly and shared that he is now ready to do better.

The two have been co-parenting after their relationship hit some challenges.
“Mama Neo, I would like to take this opportunity to apologize to you. I let you down. Time and time again, I hurt your feelings. I’m sorry. I pray that God helps me be a better friend, a better father, and a stronger partner in raising our son. Love always,” DJ Bash posted.

His apology seems to be drawing back from comments the DJ made a while ago accusing his ex-wife of not letting him have time with their son and allegedly making his life unbearable.

Although the entertainer has in the past argued that no one has stood by his side, leave alone come to his aid, Prezzo was fast this time around to assure him that things are going to be well.

“You are only human & not a robot… Don’t be hard on yourself, just play your part. Kesi badae. Head above water bro,” Prezzo chimed in.
In one of his posts addressed to his son, Bash assured him that he would be a present father and he would make Neo a proud son.

“Neo I will do my best to never let you down. Don’t listen to these people son. I’m not crazy. Your dad is doing fine and I’m not going anywhere. I Will be there for you for as long as God allows it. Always and forever,” Bash said in the post.

Word has it that Bash’s ex allegedly eloped with her new boyfriend taking their son, something Bash seems to have struggled with.

He recently came out to the public confirming that he has struggled with managing depression.

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