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Rapper Billnass has opened up on the struggles he went after watching his wife Nandy give birth
The rapper in an interview with Clouds FM said the experience from the labour room left him traumatized and cried as he saw the pain his wife went through to deliver. The rapper narrated weeping after a lot as he did not know what to anticipate for.

“I was in the labour room when my wife was giving birth and I saw the entire process and its something that disturbed me a lot because it is a near death experience. I didn’t know whether she would be okay that’s why I allowed her to choose the name of her choice for the baby,” Billnass said.
The rapper praised her wife describing her as a true warrior who put up a spirited fight to deliver their bundle of joy.

“Asante mke wangu kipenzi Nandy Kwa Kuniletea Mrembo na Rafiki, Haikuwa Kazi Rahisi umenionesha wewe ni Shujaa kiasi gani kwanzia Mtoto akiwa tumboni mpaka Muda unajifungua umepigana sana… nimejionea namna gani mtu anaweza ku risk kupoteza uhai wake wakati wa kujifungua…Hii imefanya nizidi kukupenda, Kukuheshimu na kukupa Nafasi ya Pekee katika Maisha Yangu…,” he wrote to Nandy after the delivery.

(Thankyou my wife Nandy for bringing me a daughter and a friend, it was not an easy job you have showed me you are a hero right from the time the baby was in the womb till the delivery time, you have really fought. I have seen the risk someone can take which is almost near death… this has made me even love you more, respect you even more and give you the right place in my life)
Nandy before giving birth said the identity of her child was going to remain under wraps and was only going to make her details public when she was of age.

Kuhusu swala la mtoto, hatakuwa kwenye social media. Hakuna mtu atajua jina lake wala jinsia,” Nandy said.

The couple’s daughter had a job waiting for her just as she came into the world getting a role as the brand ambassador for an insurance company.

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