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Musician Dufla Diligon has gone a step ahead to cut his signature dreadlocks in declaring his love for Anerlisa Muigai

In a video shared on his Instagram, Dufla said he was in the pursuit to win Anerlisa’s heart and the first step had been attained which was cutting off short his hair.

“I had to comply, Anerlisa what else do you want me to change?” he captioned the video.

The tempo hit maker recently declared his love for the Keroche heiress and has expressed his confidence in winning her.

The shots by Dufla Diligon come even as the businesswoman’s love life is doing well.

Anerlisa recently revealed how her current lover managed to win her love.

“Because you ask nothing from me and that makes it easier for you to concentrate on seeing the real me,” she responded to her lover who had asked how she won her heart.

Anerlisa said people get into relationships for their own selfish reasons and its wrong.

“There is this relationship I was in where the guy started to even ask for my ATM pin…One of my Ex once asked me for this ‘we have been together for more than a year now and you haven’t helped me? I asked, ‘What do you mean helped you’ He Sid ‘I mean you should have built me a house by now or even open for me a company like yours.

“I answered ‘if you thought starting a relationship with me will make you rich the you are in the wrong relationship, I was dropped in less than a week,” Anerlisa added.

Anerlisa further advised that; “Get into a relationship to only love and make each other better Mentally and emotionally. You might have a plan but is the one who approves it and no evil plans are approved by him

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