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Interior CS Fred Matiang’i has launched the new-look digital registration number plates for vehicles in Kenya.

The plates will be attached to cars brought into the country at the point of entry, according to Interior CS Fred Matiang’I.

They shall be synced with Kenya Revenue Authority systems to help eradicate incidences of tax cheating in the motor vehicle selling business.

The new number plates are in compliance with the amended Traffic Act of 2016 and feature an inbuilt security feature.

The new features allow vehicles to be traced, in a bid to help reduce crimes involving motorists. Some of the security features are only visible to security agencies.

The new number plates are being produced at the GSU Recce Unit headquarters.

“The work is being done by a multi-agency unit of the security sector and is part of the reforms initiated by President Uhuru Kenyatta after the 2019 Dusit attack,” Matiang’i stated.

The ministry is planning to change all of Kenya’s 4.8 million registered vehicles to use the new number plates in 18 months.

“When the NTSA team calls on Kenyans to change the plates, let us obey and get it done within those 18 months,” the CS urged.

According to Transport CS James Macharia, the new number plates will be used by 12 categories of vehicles.

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