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Callum Hudson-Odoi doesn’t seem to be in Tuchel’s plans for this season and the loan move is the only remedy for him to have regular football.

Odoi has already proved that he can perform in big games and he has been a Champions League medal winner with Chelsea already. He has however been in a dilemma recently stating that he was weighing between playing for Chelsea or the Ghanaian men’s national team, Black Stars.

Odoi is a rising star and the loan move already speaks volumes. He will hopefully perform at Leverkusen and hopefully, the injury curse that has affected him for the better part of his career is now gone.

Hudson Odoi has already proved that he is a player to watch by how he carries himself on the pitch. Odoi has a touch of finesse and this will hopefully get better as he continues to grow in his career.

His dribbles are a joy to watch and Leverkusen fans will enjoy watching him do tricks on the pitch. Odoi has also proved that he can run real quick and he causes trouble for opponent defenders for sure.

Leverkusen has players who have already flourished at the club and they will actually score many goals when they click with Odoi’s style of play. Chances of Leverkusen landing several penalties will also go up now that it will be difficult for defenders to contain him most of the time.

His crossing is always on point most of the time and this is a plus for Leverkusen because Odoi will be assisting apart from scoring. He can also hold on to the ball nicely and this is always advantageous in a goal build-up.

Odoi likes to take short passes and this will likely bring about the ‘tiki taka’ style of play in Leverkusen’s forward line. This effect will most of the time indicate that the players know each other’s next move and it is always difficult to predict where the next pass will land.

With all these, Leverkusen will for sure give Bayern a run for the trophy if everything goes well on Odoi’s side. Some pundits have already predicted that he will score a minimum of 12 goals ahead of his move to Bayer Leverkusen in the Bundesliga.

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