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Nairobi Governor-elect Johnson Sakaja has promised that his tenure will not entertain corruption cartels who have been running the city.

According to Sakaja, he plans to run a corruption-free government and is ready to see some culprits losing their jobs.

“My message to them is ‘there is a new sheriff in town, it won’t be business as usual.” We must deliver to Nairobians and they lose their jobs before I lose mine,” he said on Citizen TV.

The governor-elect also said that his government will set up systems to ensure that human interaction with cash is reduced, hence transparency in all financial procedures.

“E-procurement is something I am very keen on. If you think you are a ‘cartel’ be competitive, please. Compete with everyone.”

Sakaja added that people have so many expectations of him, and the county leadership is ready to work with him regardless of political differences.

“I am seeing so many messages from MCA’s across the divide, they are saying ‘let’s work… politics is done’ no one will elect you because you played politics,” he added.

Sakaja also shared his political ambitions, saying he always wanted to be a president during his childhood days.

He said he is currently focused on serving the city residents, and his performance will determine the next assignment.

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