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Tanzanian singer and Wasafi Record label president Diamond Platnumz has revealed that her signee Zuchu will have to pay Sh511 million equal to Tsh10 billion if she intends to leave the record label midway.
Responding to a fan on Instagram, the Jeje hitmaker said Zuchu’s numbers had grown incredibly which was why it was going to require such a huge sum if she intended to leave the label.

The question to Diamond comes after accusations that he exploits signees under his record label making them pay huge sums of money to terminate their contracts.

The singer however said the record label invests a lot of money in the signees who blow up within a short time which is the reason why signees must pay huge sums if they intend to leave.

He said invests a lot in all talents signed under his label and that’s why they blowup within a short period of time.

“We are in music business but at first there were rumours that artistes are being exploited. It even reached to the President but we explained ourselves saying this is business and they understood it from our point of view.

“So you can’t just leave when we have invested millions in your craft. I invest in this people, make ensure they have a name for themselves, plus shows so that we can also make money at the end of the day,” Diamond explained.
Adding that; “If I wanted I could have invested that money in something else, but I choose to invest in entertainment. WCB artistes are some of the richest artistes right now because of the investment we put in them,”.

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