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Folk Fusion, music extravaganza that celebrates local afro-culture and benga tunes is set to take place on August 6th, 2022 at Levilla garden in Kikuyu.⁣

The musical festival, which is a partnership between Folk Fusion Entertainment and 254 Brewing Co aims at to providing a platform to upcoming artistes and creatives to showcase their talents to the world.⁣

The festival which has been branded as Nairobi’s biggest afro-culture music festival will be happening for the second time this year.⁣

According to Ayrosh, the founder of Folk Fusion – the event has recorded tremendous growth over the years.⁣

“The brand association with reputable musical artists has strengthened 254 Brewing Co credibility and consumer affinity. together, we created a unique platform that resonated powerfully with our target consumer, and they responded to it remarkably. We hope to continue the trend in 2022 where will further create memorable moments and experiences for our loyal consumers,” explained Ayrosh.⁣

Aryrosh will be sharing the musical festival stage with music producer and singer Mutoriah, Serro and Hornsphere.⁣

Revelers were required to purchase a ticket at the entrance for only Sh1500.⁣

Ayrosh describes his sound basing on the fact that he has fuses Mugithi (Kikuyu) music with other genres to create his own unique niche.⁣

“Siku hizi juu nimejua kizungu, naitanga Contemporary Folk. It’s a fusion of Mugithi vibes and other genres that I listen to. E.g. Reggae, Afro Sol, Blues, Afro- Soul. Sometimes I term it as folk fusion,” he said.⁣

Actually, they say; Contemporary folk music refers to a wide variety of genres that emerged in the mid-20th century and afterwards which were associated with traditional folk music.⁣



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