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The Ethics and Anti-corruption Commission (EACC) is looking to repossess money and property worth Sh30 million from a traffic police officer based in Malindi.

Chief Inspector Gabriel Mbiti Mulei could not explain the source of his Sh10.5 million in his bank accounts, parcels of land valued at Sh19.4 million, five vehicles, and one motorcycle raising questions about him having acquired the property through rogue dealings.

In a ruling by an anti-corruption court, Mulei was ordered to deposit Sh10,536,199 to the government an amount he accumulated between June 2008 and February 2011 yet his net salary was Sh20,000 according to court documentation.

“It is my finding that Mulei did not offer any explanation as to why deposits amounting to Sh10,536,199 were made to his various bank accounts, excluding his salary account.

“The properties of the subject of this suit, as well as the deposits in his bank accounts, raise questions concerning their sources. I am satisfied, on the evidence placed before me by EACC, that Mulei has unexplained assets,” Justice Njoki Mwangi ruled.

In his defense, Inspector Mulei who is based at the Malindi Traffic base said his long tenure in public service has enabled him to accrue the wealth in question adding that he engaged in other businesses which gave him extra income.

The officer could however not provide records of the purchases of the properties and further denied owning land in Kwale and Malindi where the EACC said he possesses parcels of land. For the land he owned, the officer said he bought them from proceeds of shooting competitions and loans.

EACC’s hunt for corrupt public servants has been up in the last few months with a number of public officials put on the spot for the having acquired massive property irregularly.



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