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Private detective Jane Mugo is head over heels in love after announcing her engagement to an army man identified as Boaz Romano.

On Tuesday, Mugo took to social media to flaunt a ring that was placed on her finger by her lover, saying it was her answered prayer.

While sharing the news, Mugo said it is a testimony of God’s blessing to her, saying the man has made her a better woman.

“God I have never shared my love journey on social media but since I decided to encourage someone confess God fulfils his promise & found my perfect match allow me. May you protect this man. He may not be my first love, but he has made me become a better woman,” she wrote.

Mugo, who boasts of investigating big cases in Kenya and taekwondo mastery, encouraged her fans not to give up in seeking love.

“May God give you true heart desires young, old, average. If you are in a broken relationship or seeking true love. It exists. I remember secretly fasting & asking my church pray for this private man,” she added.

She further hailed her fiancé as “God fearing, courageous, generous, aggressive, intelligent, in security but very private.”

The controversial private eye has two children from her past relationship.



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