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According to The Mirror, the Manchester United captain was spotted leaving Ralf Ragnick’s final training session to the registry where Fern was waiting for him.⁣

It is understood that the ceremony was attended by only Harry’s parents Zoe and Alan, who drove from Sheffield to witness the ceremony. It was surprising that the solemn occasion was kept rather lowkey as none of Maguire’s teammates was present, but a source told The Mirror that it was intentional.⁣

“It was a closely guarded secret to all but their closest family and friends. They wanted to be officially married in the UK before they head to France. That will be a fairytale wedding day for Fern,” the source said.⁣

Harry and Fern have been together since they were teenagers, and were engaged in 2018 before Maguire made his record transfer to Manchester United. The newlyweds have two beautiful daughters named Lillie Saint and Piper Rose.⁣

Happy Harry⁣
This wedding will hopefully earn the England captain a bit of respite from his countless critics who feel he could do more to help Manchester United. Although some criticisms are warranted, some fans and fanatics have taken their trolling to obscene levels.⁣

Recall that a few weeks ago, the defender had to alert local police after receiving a bomb threat at home. Although it turned out to be a hoax, it must have been a very traumatic event for the defender, whose two daughters and then-fiancee live with him.⁣

Maguire will hope to use the positive energy from his recent nuptials to power Manchester United to a favourable result in their final league fixture.⁣

Ralf Ragnick’s men travel to Selhurst Park to take on Crystal Palace on May 22.⁣



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