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Kenyan singer and songwriter Dela Maranga-Mwendwa and her husband Brian Ngala popularly known as Dr Reign have revealed their son’s face for the first time.⁣

The two love birds shared photos of their adorable son at a time the world was celebrating mother’s day.⁣

In her message, the Mafeelings hit-maker expressed her joy of becoming a mother – stating the she is enjoying the journey each and every day.⁣

“Eti mimi ni mama ya mtu 😍 I can’t begin to describe the joy this happy little guy brings into my life. My son, moon and stars 🥰 My heart is full full full💝 Enjoying this journey with you Dr. Reign,” reads Dela’s post on Instagram.⁣

In a separate post on his Instagram Dr. Reign also celebrated his wife Dela with a mention that things have never been the same since his mother died but this year’s Mother’s day felt different.⁣

“Mother’s Day has never been the same for me since I lost mine but this is year is different, bittersweet. Happy #MothersDay @delathedelz ❤️ I’m at awe at how graciously you’re tackling motherhood. We ❤️ you long time! #TheReigns,” Dr. Reign wrote.⁣

Dela and Dr Reign married in a private wedding ceremony that was highly guarded from the public eye back in 2019.⁣

“Mama, Papa, I Love this man he’s my star and I want to be with him. Spend the rest of my life as his wife. We did it baby Dr Reign. We Eloped. #Dr and Mrs Reign,” she wrote in 2019.⁣

Dr Reign is a paediatrician doctor who works at a Nairobi Hospital and records music part time. The two (Reign and Dela) stared dating after three years of frequently bumping into each other at events and shows. They established contact, became friends and later started dating.⁣



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