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Argentine forward Lionel Messi has been revealed to rank third on the list of players with the highest average match ratings this season.⁣

The controversial top 10 features Messi in third behind only Robert Lewandowski and Kylian Mbappe despite having a generally subpar season at PSG so far.⁣

The list was achieved by taking every player’s rating for each game this season and figuring out the average match rating and ranking that among players in the top five European leagues.⁣

Messi features in third with an average match rating of 7.71 this season which statistically makes him the third-best performer in Europe.⁣

The top 10 compiled by Whoscored has been sparking controversy with many struggling to understand how Messi who has clearly struggled so far this season is still considered a better performer than Karim Benzema and Mohamed Salah.⁣

Benzema sits fourth on the list just behind Messi despite scoring 22 league goals this season and notching 11 assists.⁣

Both of these players are both having better season by far than Lionel Messi and it is a massive surprise that they both have less match ratings than the Argentine.⁣

In addition to his four goals, Messi has 13 assists, only Neymar, Joshua Kimmich and Ousmane Dembele have lower goal and assists totals in the top 10.⁣

Messi also only has just four Man of the Match awards in the league this season, only Neymar has fewer among the players in the top ten with two.⁣

For comparison, Karim Benzema has been named man of the match 10 times in La Liga this season while Mohamed Salah has seven in the Premier League but they are still both somehow behind Messi in the top ten.⁣



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