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Former President Mwai Kibaki’s grandson and digital influencer Sean Andrew Kibaki has come out to explain the reason he cut off his signature dreadlocks.⁣

In a video, the YouTuber disclosed that he was tired of the image that is always associated with people who have dreadlocks and that’s why he opted to go for a short hair look.⁣

“Why did I cut my hair? I didn’t mind my hair, it’s just that I didn’t like what was associated with it. All the assumptions, presumptions, as it is right now my life is far different than I expected it to be and I would rather be known by actions rather than whether they are good or bad, rather than my hair or any of my relations.⁣

“You must be wondering why exactly I cut my hair? My message is simple, just as I I’m not your assumptions or my own hair so are you! So apply this to yourselves the best way you can,” shared Sean Andrew.⁣

On Tuesday, Sean surprised a section of his fans after cutting off his dreadlocks. For the longest time since coming into the limelight, Sean has maintained his deadlocks as his signature look but that has officially changed.⁣

A short video shared on his Instagram handle, which enjoys a following of 128,000 followers, captured the transition from his shoulder-length ‘locs’ to his new crew cut.⁣

The digital content creator has promised to share what prompted him to do away with his dreadlocks at a later date.⁣

“How do you like my new look? I’ll tell you the full story tomorrow,” shared Sean Andrew.⁣

Sean Andrew is the grandson of Kenya’s third President Mwai Kibaki and has been making his money from social media as an influencer working with top brands in Kenya in addition to careers as a model and an actor.⁣

We were introduced to Sean Kibaki during the requiem mass for former First Lady Lucy Kibaki at the Consolata Shrine in Westlands, Nairobi. When Sean took to the podium to pay a tribute to the former First Lady, the ladies could not help but marvel at how ‘hot’ he looked.⁣

In 2017, he was again in the spotlight after breaking up with his then-girlfriend and vlogger Elodie Zone.⁣



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