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Sauti Sol founding member Chimano has decried the Nairobi police department’s efforts to shut down his planned festival citing ‘security reasons.

The ‘Love and Harmony’ Festival was slated to go down on the 26th of February 2022 at the Junction Mall but, a few hours to the event, police moved in and cancelled the event yet again.

According to Chimano, who now, just like his fellow band members, has been doing solo projects, the ‘Love and Harmony’ Festival was initially meant to be held at Westlands before the police advised him and his team to move it from Westlands out of security reasons.

Chimano claims that, even after he heeded the word of the police and moved his event to Ngong Road’s Junction Mall, the police swooped in yet again and put a halt to the festival raising the same ‘security’ concerns.

In an angry tweet, Chimano blasted the authorities who he feels are out to bully him and vowed to go ahead with the festival despite the obvious challenges.

“Bullies never win! You may have gotten your way this time. You’ve only made my resolve stronger…. The show that I’ve been working so hard on will be seen. That is a fact!….” he tweeted.

“Despite us approaching them for further explanation and heeding their advice to have the event out of Westlands, we met the same hurdle at our new venue, the Junction Mall. Both venues were and are more than willing to host us. However, without the goodwill of the police, we cannot proceed. Goodwill which was unfairly and unjustly denied, ” read part of the statement that Chimano’s team released to the press.

Chimano, who is openly gay, has never shied away from advancing the LGBTQ agenda and, according to his fans, this may be the reason the police have been obstructing his festival.

While vowing that this would not be the end of Love and Harmony, Chimano has said that he will be in touch with the ticket buyers over the next 48 hours to have their monies refunded.



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