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Jakande Kabende, the de-facto leader of Mathare-based violent criminal gang Katombi, has been shot dead by police.

Kabende, known also as Kababa, rose to power after the death of the previous leader Fadhili Mgaza, who was likewise fatally shot by police two weeks ago.

The Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) says that the gang, which has been linked to a number of violent crimes in and around Mathare area, opted to change its name to Yeyoye following Mgaza’s death, consequently choosing Kabende as its leader.

Kabende, the DCI says, was killed following a tip-off from area residents who alerted Pangani-based sleuths that he, alongside another gang member, was allegedly robbing innocent civilians at gun-point around Bondeni area in Mathare.

The detectives claim to have found the goons robbing an elderly woman when they traced them down. The pair are said to have opened fire at the officers after refusing to surrender.

“What followed was a fierce exchange, as the detectives responded to the thugs’ provocation,” the DCI said in a statement.

After the gunfight, Kabande’s body lay lifeless in a pool of blood but his accomplice managed to flee into Mathare slums. A Webley revolver and four rounds of ammunition were recovered from the deceased.

Police have urged Kenyans to continue working with them to help mitigate cases of violent crimes that have entrenched some parts of the country.



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