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Kenyan internet sensation Elodie Zone has had a nasty falling out with her close friend and housemate, fashion designer Mary Kate, whom she accused of allegedly failing to pay her share of three months’ rent.

Elodie, who went on a rant on Instagram stories on Monday, claimed the fashion designer left her house in a mess after she requested her to leave.

She noted that they had initially agreed to split all the bills in the house, however adding that Kate was unable to keep her end of the deal.

Elodie narrated that she had been catering for her friend’s upkeep including, food, shelter since November last year, before she had enough and kicked her to the curb.

“We moved here with the agreement that bills would be split. This is somebody whose rent I’ve been paying for since November, I bought her a bed, mattress, I have paid for her food, shelter, whatever you can think of, and today is the day that she finally moved out after I asked her to,’’ said Elodie.

She further disclosed, in a video snippet on her Instagram stories, the deplorable state in which Kate allegedly left her clothing line fabric room upon moving out, exposing traces of dirt and bugs.

“How can you leave my house like these?” Elodie posed to the fashion designer.

Mary Kate has since distanced herself from the statements made by Elodie, which she termed as defamatory.

“Mkay fashion house would like to distance itself from the false and defamatory statements made by @elodiezone,” she wrote, in a statement posted on social media.

“We continue to offer exemplary services to our clients. We have sought legal redress and our lawyers will respond accordingly in due time.”

Elodie, in her response to the statement, said: “Marykate if you want to go legal you have my number and my email is public, suing you will make it a lot easier for me actually. Also the debt you owe is for February. There’s still January and December of 2021, I’d like you to pull up receipts.”

The two friends have been living together since Elodie moved to Mombasa in November, 2021.



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