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Nairobi City County workers have paralyzed operations in and out of City Hall protesting over poor working conditions

Thronging outside the City Hall annex on Tuesday morning, the workers claimed that their plea to have malfunctioning lifts and toilets repaired has not been addressed.

The county workers chained all gates into the City Hall, thereby locking out other employees from accessing the premises.

The Kenya County Government Workers Union (KCGWU) Nairobi Branch Secretary General Felix Ngari said members face occupational risks all the time due to poor working conditions and environment.

He blamed the county government for being reluctant, citing that persons with disabilities are disadvantaged in accessing top floors due to the malfunctioning lifts.

“Imagine walking all the way to 16th floor in a county government building with no lifts or getting pressed for a long or short call but there are no toilets to relieve yourself,” Ngari said.

“That is what City Hall staff as well Nairobi residents seeking for services and or paying rates are facing at moment.”

The union had on February 10 raised concerns over non-functional lifts and poor working conditions at City Hall.



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