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Anne Ngirita has been placed in police custody over the multi-million National Youth Service (NYS) scandal case.

This comes following orders issued by anti-corruption court Magistrate Eunice Kagure, who directed Ngirita to find another surety.

Magistrate Kagure gave the directive after a man only identified as Stephen withdrew his property which had previously been listed as Ngirita’s surety.

The magistrate said acting as someone’s surety is a voluntary decision hence Stephen cannot be forced to continue staying on for Ngirita.

This comes a week after Ngirita joined the 2022 political race seeking to be elected to Parliament.

Ngirita, who had initially joined the UDA party, decamped to Jubilee on February 15 as she sought to contest for the Nakuru County Woman Representative seat.

“Yes nilikua kwa chama ya UDA but nilitoka mimi mwenyewe. Nilitoka kwa sababu Baba (Raila) and Uhuru walisema turudi nyumbani nikaona nilikua nimepotea. Ilikua out of peer pressure,” Ngirita said.

“Mimi nataka kusaidia youth na kina mama. Mimi najua zile shida youth wanapitia.”



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