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Popular radio presenter and reggae emcee Mary Njambi Koikai also known as Fyah Mama Jahmby has announced she is going to vie for the Dagoretti South parliamentary seat in the upcoming polls.

Through her Instagram, the veteran reggae emcee laid down the issues she is going to address if elected as the next Dagoretti Member of Parliament (MP).

Some of the issues outlined in her manifesto include; youth employment, water accessibility, health care improvement as well as matters effecting the elderly and people living with disabilities.

“The spirit of community and purpose can be felt in our drive, the friendships we’ve created since childhood which have been passed on from generation to generation. Living in this community has shaped my values and the direction of my life. This has encouraged me to work for my community to improve the social and economic status of our people by working together.” Njambi said in her lengthy post.

Being an endometriosis survivor, Njambi pledged a pillar of health dubbed Uboreshaji wa afya (Improved healthcare) upon election.

“I battled Endometriosis and Adenomyosis which are menstrual health related diseases for over 15 years and through this experience, I identified gaps in our healthcare system that motivated me to advocate for better access to healthcare for our communities in Dagoretti South.” Njambi’s post read.

Njambi who will be seeking to succeed MP Simba Arati said the voices of the elderly and people living with disabilities will also be heard under her leadership.

“These include the many elderly people, the people with living with disabilities and those living with mental health challenges and developmental conditions. We tend to silence these vulnerable people and their families. We need to listen to their needs. Like anyone else, they want opportunities and support to care for themselves. We also need to make it easier for their families and communities to care for them.” Njambi said.




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