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Hours after Deputy President William Ruto labelled former Prime Minister Raila Odinga as stingy, Winnie Odinga has come out to defend her father, telling the DP that donation should always come from the heart.

“Not all donations are PR stunts. Give with your heart or not at all . The world doesn’t have to know,” said Winnie.

On Tuesday, December 14 while meeting with ACK Mother’s Union of Kajiado Diocese and the church’s House of Bishops, the DP said he was baffled that the ODM leader expects votes from Kenyans come 2022 despite his unwillingness to support his citizens in time of need.

“Our friend who we are competing with never attends fundraisers for churches, schools and women groups. Even an offering in the church itself is a problem,” the DP stated

The DP pleaded with Kenyans to support and elect a generous person like him in the 2022 presidential bid as he has always stood with Kenyans while other leaders castigated him for attending church fundraisers.



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