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NARC-Kenya leader Martha Karua says she has not met with any politician to discuss a potential running-mate partnership in the 2022 General Election.

The Iron Lady, as she is known in Kenyan politics, reiterates her commitment to winning the Kirinyaga gubernatorial seat, while also indicating that she is open to talks with anyone interested in enlisting her as a presidential running mate.

“I’ve not been approached by anyone and I have not had any sitting with anyone over that,” Karua told Capital FM on Thursday.

“I’m doing the best for myself, my party and for Kenya, what will be for tomorrow, I do not know.”

Karua added that she is still debating which position she will run for on the ballot paper, noting that it is too early to make a permanent decision.

“It is an ongoing conversation about how and where to serve Kenyans… It is still early, we have eight months to the elections. We are likely to see new coalitions next year and a lot could happen,” she stated.

Citing Governor Kivutha Kibwana whom she says has exhibited a stellar performance as Makueni governor and towards national development, Karua said that for her it is about serving Kenyans and not about the position.

“Service is service, once you have decided to serve people, the position you are in does not matter.”

Just last month, former Mukurweini MP Kabando wa Kabando hinted at a possible political pact between Raila Odinga of the ODM Party and Karua.

The former legislator told Citizen TV that Karua is being considered as a suitable running-mate for the former prime minister in his 2022 presidential bid.

“The first name I have heard very widely of a possible Raila running mate is Martha Karua. The people who are talking about Kaura, and it is across the ethnic divide, are looking for an individual who can be deputy president with potential to execute a reformist agenda,” said Kabando.

He further divulged that discussions within ODM to bring her on board are underway.

“Her name is going around very much and I know it is a serious discussion among many players,” he added.



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