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Citizen TV’s Yvonne Okwara pulled a tear-jerking surprise for her mentor, Jimmi Gathu on Wednesday, leaving the celebrated media don’s heart, full, and face drenched in joyful tears. In a video that Ms Okwara shared on her socials, the decision to visit and thank the man who gave her a chance to join media when no else did, was long time coming.

The TV girl surprised Mr Gathu on a live set, to thank him for teaching her everything that she knows, and for standing in her corner always, steadfast like a light house.

“You gave me a chance when no one else would, I don’t think anyone knows this but it was on phone, and I remember it was about Janet Jackson and Luther Vandross,” Yvonne said as Mr Gathu looked on, fighting tears.

“You said, you sound really good, come on tomorrow and let’s meet my boss,”

Okwara went on to thank the actor and content creator for showing her the ropes and for teaching and mentoring a slew of now-famous media figures in the country.

“Thank you for being the star you are, thank you for teaching us that you can be all these things,”

Ms Okwara who regretted having not thanked her mentor earlier went on to say the surprise visit had taken two years to plan and go through with.

In those two years, the TV girl who is two years shy of celebrating two decades in media said the pondered a great deal about the perfect gift for her mentor.

“I did not know what to get you, what should I get you? A car.. a house?” Ms Okwara said, as she struggled to fight tears.

“So I got you this Johnie Walker Whisky, 18 years…. almost the time I have worked in media as I have done 17…, may every drink you take of this represent all of the years for me, and its not just me, you know Jimmy you got so many of us started,”



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