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Marsabit County has emerged as the most suitable county in Kenya to set up a spaceport. A spaceport is a site for launching spacecraft, similar to a seaport for ships or an airport for aircraft.⁣⁣
Marsabit County emerged as the most favorable location to set up a spaceport due to its large tracts of unoccupied, affordable land, sparse population density, low trafficked airspace, generally flat terrain, and proximity to the LAPPSET corridor.⁣⁣
Speaking while receiving the report, Kenya Space Agency (KSA) Acting Director-General Col. Hillary B. Kipkosgey says the benefits of establishing a spaceport capable of launching rockets within Kenya are numerous and would positively impact the growth of the country.⁣⁣
“The development of highly innovative industries such as this provides current and future employment opportunities in many sectors, and the potential for growth in supporting industries.⁣⁣



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