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Alice for Children, a humanitarian project running in Kenya has been awarded Sh6.3 million after winning an international competition sponsored by AC Milan football club and Fondazione Milan.⁣
The project was one of the six entries from different parts of the world which were competing in the “From Milan to the World” charity contest.⁣

Alice for Children received 53.2% of the total votes in the competition which advocated that sports can be a tool for change, education and inclusion.⁣

“The donation will help Alice for Children to implement a vast programme of medical and psychophysical support aimed at valuing girls and combating sexual and psychological abuse, female genital mutilation and early pregnancy.⁣

“The Alice for Children project is set to involve over 1,300 girls from ages 10 to 18, who attend six schools in the slums, with the aim to create the very first football league for girls who live in the slums of Nairobi,” a press release from AC Milan dated November 19, read.⁣

Eight teams will participate in this tournament and will play against each other each weekend.⁣

For the opening of the league and the finals, events and activities will also be hosted for the whole community to raise awareness and educate the youth on themes related to gender equality and respect for human rights.⁣

The foundation of the initiative is the belief that sport can become the perfect tool to allow girls to become – in the future – strong and independent women.⁣

The competition on the pitch will become a pretext to the recognition of the girls’ own strength and value, allowing them to learn how to fight for their own rights and a more inclusive society.⁣

Alice for Children has been operating in Kenya since 2006, with the purpose of moving Nairobi’s slums children away from neglect and extreme poverty.⁣



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