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Rapper Henry Ohanga alias Octopizzo has made another milestone in his music career after making it to the 2022 Grammy awards consideration list.⁣

The Grammy awards academy has proposed Octopizzo to be nominated in four categories; Best Global Album (Jungle Fever), Best Global music performance (Lela), Producer of the year Non-Classical, Best Rap Song (Pockets, Interlude), and Best Rap Performance (Pockets, Interlude).⁣

Reacting to the good news, the Lela hit-maker said that he is optimistic that one day he will bring a Grammy to Kibera.⁣


“I had to do it twice so that they know it wasn’t luck. This Saturday will be #JungleFevers’ 1 Year Anniversary; Excited to be up for 4 Grammy Consideration categories⁣

@RecordingAcad One day I’ll bring this to Kibera, I believe. GO VOTE,” shared Ocvtopizzo.⁣

He added that he will be dropping his 6th studio album dubbed Fuego on November 19, 2021.⁣

“Friday 19th #FUEGO Album to celebrate this consistency. If you’ve been a fan, means you believe in yourself too Raised fist Head to the @theacademy and let them know Kenya & Kibera needs one of these Trophy #Motivation #DON Goat,” tweeted Octopizzo.⁣

This is the second time, Octopizzo is being proposed for the Grammy Awards. Last year, he became the first rapper from Kenya to make it to the consideration list.⁣



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