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Jamaican dancehall artiste Garfield Spence popularly known as Konshens has expressed worry that he might not be able to perform in Kenya.⁣

Taking to his official Twitter handle, Konshens said that things were not looking good as per his team.⁣

“Kenya. just got an update from my team, its not looking good,” announced Konshens.⁣

However, the tweet elicited mixed reactions among his Kenyan fans. A section urged him to fire his entire team, while others cautioned him to never disappoint Kenyans who were already expecting him.⁣

On November 4th, the Baseline hit-maker said that he was ready to perform in Nairobi and Mombasa and his team was already in talks with three different entities to make it a reality.⁣

“KENYA! my team just advised me that we are now in talks with 3 different entities! I told them stop playing with my emotions hit me when its final because mi READY AGAIN!😀. And I want both Nairobi and MOMBASA,” read the tweet from Konshens.⁣



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