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Comedian Eric Omondi landed in trouble with a section of Kenyan musicians over remark’s that ‘the Kenyan entertainment scene is dead’.⁣

The funnyman put up a detailed post explaining how Nigerians and Tanzanians have been dominating the Kenyan music industry, calling upon Kenyan artistes to reclaim their industry.⁣

“The Kenyan entertainment scene is dead!!! We have lost our glory. we have become a cemetery! It is utter disgrace that our musicians have become mere curtain raisers for international acts. we have become clowns in our own land. every weekend there is a group of 3 or 4 foreign artists in this city Nairobi,” said Eric Omondi in part.⁣

The former Churchill show comedian went on to ask Musicians to get back to work and rescue the industry.⁣

“In less than two weeks we had Etana, Omahley and Konshens is on his way. Where are the Kenyan concerts???? we have become redundant, predictable and boring. we need to put in the work, to reclaim our glory we have to invest in our art!!! god knows i am personally trying my level best. the curfew has been lifted, it’s time to dust ourselves and get to work,” he added⁣

However, his sentiments were not received well with stakeholders in the music scene more so musicians.⁣

Many argued that Omondi had tuned into a clout chaser who would just saying anything in order to trend.⁣



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