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Comedian Eric Omondi has come clean about how he has been creating stunts for publicity and entertainment.⁣

In a candid interview with Jalang’o on Thursday, November 4, Omondi said that he has created a showbiz character that he uses for entertainment purposes.⁣

Some of the stunts he admitted to are the fake pregnancy involving musician Miss P as well as the house in Karen which was used for the filming of Wife Material 3.⁣

“It is obvious that house in Karen is not mine, that’s what Eric Omondi does,” he said admitting that he only hired the house for his YouTube show.⁣

In the interview, the comedian said that the child dispute with former Citizen TV anchor Jacque Maribe was an example of a joke taken too far.⁣

The fake reports about siring a child with Miss P degenerated into a public spat with his baby mama that went out of control.⁣

“Jacque surprised me when she commented on something that was obvious (fake pregnancy). It was off because where was it coming from we had not even talked for two months,” he said adding that she should have called him instead and he would have told her about the song.⁣

He said that even his clients and partners called him to ask about the situation with the former news anchor, which made him respond and spill the beans on how he met Jacque.⁣

Eric Omondi said that he regrets his actions and is set to meet Maribe and Sam Ogina to apologise for exposing an innocent to public ridicule.⁣



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