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Former Kakamega Senator Boni Khalwale says the Buiding Bridges Initiative (BBI) is the worst mistake the country has made since independence.

Speaking on Citizen TV’s Day Break show, Khalwale accused the Jubilee government of losing focus on their ‘Big 4’ agenda campaign to focus on the BBI.

“Jubilee did very well in the first five years. However, where they lost the script was in the second lot of their 10-year tenure when now they put aside developments and focused on BBI. BBI is the biggest mistake we made as a country since independence,” he said.

Khalwale went ahead to blame the BBI for the failure of the Jubilee government to achieve the 1.5 million jobs promised in their first term.

“Had they continued on the trajectory that they had started in their first five years, they would have realized those 1.5 million jobs they promised,” he said.

The former Senator defended UDA’s ‘bottom-up’ economic model saying that they will be able to complete the Big 4 agenda by creating the four million jobs in their manifesto.

“When people think of jobs in this country, they think of jobs in the Public Service sector. But when you open up the bottom-up economic model, you open up jobs in the informal sector to scales that are realistic,” Khalwale stated.

He highlighted that once UDA ascends to power, they will focus on innovation to ensure jobs are created.

While referencing the innovation, he posed a question that Ruto — during a political rally a while back — asked the people of Kakamega:

”What is better, to take 1000 children from this village to go to Sigalagala National Polytechnic or to wait for the recruitment into the Army where you are asked for five jobs?”

Dr. Khalwale insisted that UDA will focus on the local sector to boost the economy.



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