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In an exclusive interview conducted by YouTuber Nicholas Kioko, aspiring artist Remcy Don revealed a disheartening tale of how he claims to have fallen victim to a financial scam involving popular Gengetone star, Rekles. Despite initially agreeing to collaborate and produce a song together, Remcy alleges that Rekles ultimately deceived him, leaving him cheated out of his hard-earned money.

As a newcomer to the music industry, Remcy received advice from a friend suggesting that he feature another established artist in his songs, which led to his introduction to Rekles. Eager to make his mark and enhance his musical repertoire, Remcy eagerly pursued the collaboration opportunity.

However, Remcy’s excitement turned to disappointment when Rekles demanded a substantial deposit of Sh100K before proceeding with the collaboration. Hoping to realize his dreams and believing in the potential of the partnership, Remcy complied and made the payment as requested. Subsequently, Rekles arrived at the studio and recorded an audio track with Remcy. Upon receiving the agreed-upon payment, Rekles reassured Remcy that they would coordinate the filming of the music video whenever Remcy was ready.

However, just one week before the scheduled video shoot, Remcy reached out to Rekles to finalize the details, only to be met with an unexpected demand. Rekles requested an additional payment of Sh50K before agreeing to show up for the shoot. Taken aback by this sudden request, Remcy found himself in a perplexing situation, questioning the integrity of the collaboration he had hoped for.

To Remcy’s surprise, Rekles proposed an unconventional approach to the video shoot. He advised Remcy to commence filming his individual scenes prior to Rekles’ arrival on the actual shoot day. This unusual request further raised suspicions for Remcy, who now found himself in a predicament, uncertain about the true intentions and commitment of his collaborator.

Remcy’s narrative sheds light on the challenges and potential pitfalls faced by up-and-coming artists in the music industry. It serves as a cautionary tale, highlighting the importance of trust, transparency, and professionalism when engaging in collaborations. Remcy’s unfortunate experience underscores the need for aspiring artists to exercise due diligence and protect themselves from potential financial exploitation or deceit.

As Remcy Don continues to navigate his musical journey, he hopes that his story will serve as a lesson to fellow artists and encourage industry stakeholders to promote ethical practices, fostering an environment of fairness, integrity, and mutual respect.

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