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Lecturer Fred Ogola alleges that Kenya Kwanza, under President Ruto’s administration, borrows a staggering amount of KSh 25 Billion every Thursday. According to Ogola, this borrowing surpasses the amount borrowed by retired President Uhuru Kenyatta during his initial eight months in office.

During a recent appearance on the K24 TV morning show, Ogola expressed his concerns about the government’s financial decisions. He highlighted that by August, Kenya Kwanza would have completed one year, which equates to a quarter of the government’s term. Ogola found it incredulous that despite being a significant portion of their time in power, the administration still referred to itself as a “young man.” He characterized this notion as a joke, questioning how one could remain youthful after such a substantial period of governance.

Through his remarks, Ogola aimed to draw attention to the significant borrowing practices of the current administration and its potential long-term implications. The lecturer’s comments underscore the importance of financial responsibility and sustainable economic policies in a country’s governance, urging leaders to prioritize prudent fiscal management for the benefit of the nation and its citizens.

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