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President William Ruto Defends Three Percent Housing Levy as a Path to Homeownership for Hardworking Individuals”

During the groundbreaking ceremony for the proposed Bellevue Park residences affordable housing project in South C, Nairobi, President Ruto staunchly defended his controversial three percent housing levy, referring to it as a mortgage opportunity for hardworking individuals.

President Ruto rejected the notion that the levy was a tax, instead emphasizing that it was a contribution and a means of saving. He dismissed critics of the levy, accusing them of benefiting from mortgages themselves and now attempting to deny low-income workers the chance to own decent homes.

Ruto expressed his vision, stating, “It is not necessary to have a certain income level… We want even those individuals who pay rent of five thousand shillings to be able to afford a mortgage and own their own homes after fifteen years.

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