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Somali entrepreneur Jimal Rohosafi and his ex-wife Amira have been involved in a public spat on social media. The two have been taking subtle digs at each other, with Amira recently sharing a video of herself visiting the prestigious Hublot store in Dubai on Instagram. She captioned the post with the message, “I don’t know who needs to see this.” This upload was interpreted by many as a veiled attack on Jimal, who had recently flaunted his latest acquisition, a Hublot watch that he claimed to have purchased for a whopping $20,000.

In March, Jimal had shared a video on social media showcasing his new watch from different angles. He had captioned the video with the dollar symbol and its equivalent value in Kenyan shillings, which came up to Ksh2.7 million. His post had attracted a lot of attention, with many admiring the luxury timepiece. However, Amira’s recent post appeared to take a swipe at Jimal’s showy display of wealth.

Jimal Rohosafi is a successful Somali businessman with interests in various sectors, including construction, logistics, and hospitality. He is also involved in humanitarian work and has been commended for his efforts in providing aid to Somali refugees. Jimal’s success has made him a prominent figure in Somali business circles, and he is highly regarded by many.

Amira, on the other hand, is not as well-known as Jimal, but she has also made a name for herself in her own right. She is a fashion enthusiast and runs a successful boutique in Nairobi, Kenya. Amira has a large following on social media, and her posts often attract a lot of attention from her fans.

The public altercation between Jimal and Amira has captured the attention of many people, with some expressing their support for one or the other. Some have criticized the two for airing their grievances in public, while others have praised them for being open about their issues.

Regardless of what people think, it is clear that the spat between Jimal and Amira is far from over. With both parties seemingly unwilling to back down, it remains to be seen what the outcome of this public feud will be. One thing is certain, however – it has captured the attention of many people and has sparked a lot of debate on social media.

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